Peer Review Groups and Process

Group 1

Holly K.

Kim BL.

Brian S.

Becky M.

Theresa D.

Group 2

Cate P.

Jennifer N.

Joe T.

Vicki M.

Elizabeth BB.

Group 3

Jana R.

Ila C.

Aylen R.

Leandra E.

Dawn T.


Those Heath links I mentioned last night

Here are those links about Shirley Brice Heath I mentioned last night that might be useful:

Questions we are thinking about asking

Are deadlines etched in stone?

How often do we have to physically meet with the advisor?

Is it possible to meet with an advisor electronically?

What kinds of interests and speciality do you have– the kind of scholarship you do?

What kinds of advice would you give to us as we begin this journey based on your  experiences with past students?

What constitutes a good advising experience?

When do you consider a project done?

Has anyone ever died doing the project?  How many?

What are her or his criteria for a good project?

Can you define a traditional versus non-traditional project?  What examples would you have?

How quickly do you answer emails?

How available are you over the spring and summer?

What sorts of research methodologies are you comfortable working with?

Are you comfortable working with an older student?

Welcome to English 621

Hi everyone!  If you are here, then there is a pretty good chance you saw my email and you are registered for the Fall 2012 version of English 621.  Feel free to poke around the web site, though realize it is still very much a work under construction.  This should give you a general feel of where we’re we will be going and what we will be doing in the class though.

Be sure to take a look at the “policies” page and note that I’m asking you to get one book for the class.  Note that the “calendar” is still very much a work in progress, but that still should give you some idea what we’re in for this term.

As will always be the case, if you have question or concern, ask!